cajun...motorider...set decorator...

At work: I create spaces that all kinds of characters live in. And move things around a lot. I find grace in the details, while honoring a much bigger picture. I love the set dressing team I'm fortunate to work with. We hold each other up. 


In general: I'm thankful. I try not to take this gigantic, wild, majestic, beautiful, absurd roller coaster ride too seriously. I get the greatest pleasures from helping others. I'm an absolute beginner who makes a lot of mistakes. Growing and becoming a kinder more forgiving and open person is my daily goal.

Participating in the dismantling of white supremacy is always on my mind. Even if it means I need to uncomfortably accept the role I personally play in keeping it alive in order to contribute in meaningful and impactful ways.  

Here is my film resume on imdb..  


Member of the IATSE Local 478 since 2004.

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